Apart from being taught how to set up your first blog, the first of many, it is hoped, you are going to be receiving a number of opinionated lectures. Go to recommended teaching guides like howtostartablog101.com and you will soon learn and appreciate why. One of the earliest setting up reminders you will receive is that this new blog of yours has the potential to be your own rewarding property. It is essentially a website. Only the difference is that it is a lot easier to set up your first blog than would normally be the case when learning how to start a full-fledged website.

One of the best opinion-based debates you are likely to enjoy is that of the ins and outs of selecting a hosting platform. The strong argument goes that a majority of these platforms offer you limited possibilities as to what you can do with your own blog. It is so restrictive that there are even cases where you are offered opportunities to buy a few extras which, as it turns out, still sell you short. You can skip the arguments and debates for now and simply follow the recommended hosting platform guidelines which you will find clearly stated in online teaching guides like howtostartablog101.com.

There will be discussions and debates as to why you should be wary of hosting platforms that offer all, not just some, of their services and features for free. Does this not seem cynical to you. Is it not indicative of a modicum of common sense? Because online features and services bandied about for free could come with limitations. When it comes to the effective hosting of your blog, you do not wish to be restricted. Try to budget well ahead of time and take advantage of the promotional opportunities offered to you by your recommended hosting platforms.


And because your recommended instructors’ services are coming to you for free does not mean that they aren’t offering you additional services for a fee. Particularly if you are hosting your blog for commercial purposes you should be looking at potential returns on investment after a small fee is paid. Guidance is provided to you on how to go about selecting an appropriate hosting domain. You will be paying a small fee for this privilege. Do that rather because, after all, your domain is exactly that. Yours. So, take ownership of your blog and all work that will be published and featured within it going forward.

While processing your first blog, you should also regularly engage with other bloggers already on the recommended hosting platform. Here we are referring to those technical feedback sessions where pertinent questions are being answered. Now, should these answers not be comprehensible enough to you, you can always revert back to your recommended blogging instructors who will have no difficulty in transcribing the responses for you. They are more than familiar with their recommendations by now.