Cocaine is a powerful stimulant made from coca plant leaves that are native to South America. It is an addictive street drug resembling a fine white powder. It is oftentimes mixed with ingredients like flour, talcum powder, and sometimes worse in order to increase profits.

What is Cocaine Called?

Cocaine is known on the streets by many different nicknames. Some of those nicknames include:

·    Powder

·    Snow

·    Coke

·    Blow

·    Rock

·    Crack

Regardless of what it’s called, millions of people across the country are facing addiction to this drug. It takes only one use of cocaine to cause both an addiction and an overdose. There is free drug rehab available for anyone who is ready to regain their life and free themselves from the powerful substance that’s taken over.

How is Cocaine Used?

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People can snort cocaine, inject it intravenously, or cook the powder substance to form a rock that is smoked through a pipe. Some people mix cocaine with heroin and inject it into their veins. This is known as a speedball.

Effects of Cocaine Use

The smoked version of cocaine is the most powerfully addictive form of the drug. There are both short-term and long-term effects of using cocaine.

Short-term effects of cocaine use include:

·    Mental alertness

·    Extreme feeling of happiness

·    Excessive energy

·    Paranoia

·    Irritability

The ‘high’ the drug offers onsets immediately and typically lasts 15 minutes to several hours. The length of time the effects are experienced varies according to the potency of the drug, as well as the method of ingestion.

People who use cocaine sometimes use it to stay awake or for weight loss purposes. As you might suspect, it isn’t recommended any drug be used for either purpose. Expect long hours of no sleep, no eating, and weight loss with prolonged use of cocaine.

Additionally, cocaine use brings with it numerous health effects that you will notice after using the drug as well as many years later, especially with prolonged, heavy use of the drug. Some of these health effects include:

·    Dilated pupils

·    Fast heartbeat

·    Muscle twitches

·    Tremors

·    Nausea

·    Constricted blood vessels

·    Nosebleeds

·    Runny nose

·    Loss of smell

·    Higher risk of HIV and Hepatitis C infection

·    Insomnia

·    Malnourishment

·    Movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease

·    Restlessness

·    Severe paranoia which may include schizophrenia

·    Mental health disorders

This isn’t a full list of the potential consequences of cocaine use. Cocaine affects each person differently and you may or may not experience more than one of these concerns, although most users experience multiple consequences of regular cocaine use.

Get Help Today

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the country, affecting millions of users as well as those who love them. It takes only one use of this drug to cause an addiction that brings with it many detrimental consequences. Although addiction is difficult, help is available from caring professionals at drug rehab. It’s a difficult first step, but one that can change your life and help you reclaim all that you’ve lost.